Born by the river
Born by the river



"I was born by the river and just like the river,
I've been moving ever since." - Sam Cooke

It was actually a canal in my case but you get the idea. Perhaps spending my formative years in the Black Country - the UK's industrial heartland - fuelled my desire to see the wider world.  I do love the Midlands but you have to go a long way from it to see a mountain, or even the sea. Happily, I now get to travel to some incredible places under either under my own steam or through my work as a journalist. And I've decided that when I do, I'm going to preserve my experiences through my writing and photography and keep them here.

If you have any questions or comments or you want to share a tip or anecdote, you can find me on Twitter @DanPountney or Instagram: bornbytheriver_